Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 1 Introduction

This week's task:
Post something about yourself on your blog

Hello everyone,

I am Joy. I am living in Auckland now. My family immigrated to New Zealand 5 years ago. I am married and have a 14 year old daughter.

Now I am a facilitator in Manukau Institute of Technology helping students with National Certificate in Computing Level 2 and Level 3 courses. They are kind of blended courses using BB as a support tool at the moment.

This is my fifth paper of Applied e-Learning. I enjoyed the courses, thou some of them were very challenging to me :-)

I haven’t got any experience of teaching online or using any LMS. Hope this course will help quite a lot in analysing current solutions and be helpful in the future while I start the online teaching later.

Now I am ready to learn more with everyone of you ^_^


  1. hello Joy
    excellent to see you are up and running already before the course starts even. I had someone else last year from National Certificate in Computing Level 2 and Level 3 courses - Hilary. I am sure she would be very happy for you to "pick her brains".
    By using online tools as a student you will be in a good position to find out lots about online learning which will flow on to your teaching.

  2. Hi Bronwyn,

    Yes I know Hilary. Actually she was my colleague and we worked in a same classroom when she was doing this paper last year. She left some learning material to me. She's a lovely lady ;-)

    I am interested in eLearning but just a bit worried. I work only as a facilitator. I havent got any chance to run a course online, neither have experience with LMS. For this course I am keen to know how to evaluate elearning solution and a bit curious about what kinda info we can get from the evaluation.
    I am sure I will learn quite a lot in this course ^_^

  3. hello Joy
    perhaps you are also wondering how it can be relevant for you when you do not teach online.

    The principles of evaluation can transfer to any situation - online, multimedia, classroom facilitation, new technology, new strategies for learning etc so there should be plenty to keep you amused.

    We have had quite a few people from the Community Learning Centres at Otago Polytechnic taking courses in online teaching and learning. They have found it very helpful because we have got them using blogs and wikis and now they are able to help staff and students with these things. they are also helping run blogging and wiki courses in the CLCs.

    I think with the new Web 2.0 tools and the upsurge of their use in education, through doing this course you will be well placed to be a "mover and shaker" which I am sure you are already. :)

  4. Lovely to see you on the course Joy. Looking forward to it. Thanks for pointing to it.

  5. Hi Bronwyn,
    True I believe the evaluation principle can be applied in various field, no matter it's online teaching or not. I am ready to learn the evaluation model, method...

    Thx Minhaaj, it's really wonderful to have you here. I am sure I will learn quite a lot from you and am looking forward to it now^_^