Thursday, July 16, 2009

Final Draft Evaluation Plan

Finally got the draft plan done. Pls click on the link below to read :-)

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  1. Hi Joy,

    Good to see your plans and questionnaires. I know as you mentioned its hard to get the sample - I had difficulty getting hold of the students as well, but managed to get a few.

    Regarding your questionnaire, you also have used the 5 scale option , and it seems through my experience that the nuetral -option does not really help us to make much conclusion, but since its already done just leave it as it is, and may be next time when we do evaluation we can make look into it.

    Overall it seems to be looking great - looking forward to see the results for unit 2791 - it is one of the units that students seems to struggle with at times , so lets see how the results are.