Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Questionnaires for students and facilitators

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Here's the brief intro with my evaluation and questionnaire:


Regarding issues mentioned above, guidelines TD2 and ST4 are chosen to evaluate the effectiveness of current online course – Unit 2791: Integrating Data.

TD2 Do students get clearly defined learning objectives that assist them in focusing on their learning activities?

The sub-questions about guideline TD2 are:
1. What needs to be changed in the design of the learning material so students can assess whether they have achieved the learning outcomes for the course?
2. Does the learning material provide clear description of topics and sufficient explanation about concepts?
3. How have activities been designed to help students understand what they learned?

ST4 Does the course require students to engage in analysis, synthesis and evaluation as part of their course and program requirements?

Sub-questions about guideline ST4 are:
1. Is there a focus in the course material on students’ comprehension and application of skills rather than simply recall or memorisation of course content?
2. How are students encouraged to use analysis, synthesis and evaluation skills to successfully complete the unit standard?
3. What tasks are well designed to provide opportunities for students engaging in the use of analysis, synthesis and evaluation?


The sample participants involved in this evaluation are listed below:

Current student – Students who are working on unit 2791;
Former students – Students who have just finished Unit 2791;
Facilitators – facilitators from different classrooms;

Questionnaire for current students

Interview questions for former students

Questionnaire for facilitators:

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