Sunday, July 26, 2009

Data collected here, Click the link below to see the feedback from current students:

Feedback from former students is shared with you, pls click the link below:

Feedback from facilitators is here:

Summary of the feedback is ongoing right now. Will keep updated once complete the summary :-)


  1. Hi Joy
    At last I am here to respond to your posting! You are nearly there - well done so far! I know I felt quite overwhelmed with the data and what to actually do with it but with Brownyn's advice, narrowed down the analzying to just five questions from each of the three Items I was targeting. When I started producing charts and then making comparisons with that data, I was able to recognise some trends.

    Also, to deal with the comments, I just re-organised them into similarities, and out of that I could see the themes emerge. By doing that helped me complete the Conclusion and Recommendations (part of Assigment 4).

    Feel free to contact me if you need any support. Best wishes. Kay

  2. Hi Joy
    You have done so well to get to this point! I've just handed in my Final report after working till after 9 last night!

    Again like Kay, I found Bronwyn's help with themes very useful. I found that my comments found 3 main themes and after a bit of prompting from Bronwyn I was able to analyse them better (well I hope I did!)

    You're nearly there - and then we can all tackle the last project paper!

  3. Thanks guys. I re-organised my current students' feedback into 3 main categories now.
    It's a huge job to do it... I am catching up now :-)