Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summary of Current Student Feedback

Hi guys,

Check the summary for the current students feedback here:

The link below is the feedback from current students.

Summary for former students feedback and facilitators are on the way right now:-)


  1. Hi Joy, this is really useful feedback. You now know exactly what you need to do to maked some positive changes in the course. Well done!


  2. Thanks Adrienne. I did re-organised my feedbacks into different catagories, according to Kay and Elain's suggestion. That helps simplify the summary. Hopefully everything is moving smoothly towards the end of the couse :-)


  3. Hi Joy, how are you going with your final evaluation report? I have just sent mine in. Man it took a long time to write it and I’m sure it is far too long. Poor Bronwyn having to wade through it!

    I thought I would do a summary for you as I need to for my Assignment 1, and because you and I are finishing up about the same time.

    Your initial postings pinpointed the importance of clear learning objectives and student’s understanding of the concepts behind the step-by-step activities in the Integrating Data course. You like the ADDIE model of design – so do I!

    Your chosen guidelines fitted extremely well with the issues in the course. You decided to do an effectiveness evaluation and triangulate the data. You thought carefully about collection methods and question design.

    You decided to sample past and present students, facilitators and managers. You received and acknowledged detailed and practical feedback from colleagues on your draft plan and revised it. You also received comments on your survey questions and revised them accordingly.

    You collected the data and summarized it and posted it on your blog. This information gave some very clear directions about what to do to improve the course – particularly with regard to clear learning outcomes.

    Well done Joy, your investigation has been thorough and followed a clear process.
    I would also love to hear about how you have organized your blog page. I really like how you have everything to do with the course coming through on the page, which keeps it all nice and central. Could you explain to me how you achieved this?

    Thanks very much. Best wishes for the final phase.